Father's Day 2017

For Couples

The Sweet Escape

Sway your babe away with a side-by-side massage in our exclusive couple’s suite.
This experience begins with our signature hot towel therapy and organic aromas.
Melt into a world of relaxation with our volcanic hot stones and organic body butter,
specifically tailored for the Father’s Day experience. 

50 Min Customized Massage | Hot Stones | Plum Chiffon Body Butter
Hot Towel Treatment | Organic Aromatherapy
Gentlemen's Facial for Him 

Treatment Options
Massage Only: $105 per person
Facial Only: $100
Massage and Facial: $190 per person

We recommend calling in advance to reserve our Couple’s Suite. Facials will be in separate rooms

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Our Couple's Suite is not available through Online booking. Please call 512-873-0999

For All Fathers

The Many Retreat

Show dad how much you adore him with our ultimate relaxation package.
Dad will be feeling completely relaxed with this indulgent experience.
There’s no better way to say I love you.

50 Min Deep Tissue Massage | Hot Stones 
Organic Aromatherapy | Hot Towel Treatment | Gentleman's Facial

120 min treatment: $185

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Muscle Melting Deep Tissue Massage

Our deep tissue therapy targets the root of your muscle aches , helping remove knots and stimulating
blood circulation. This technique is useful in treating chronic pain, inflammation, injury, and restoring flexibility
in strained muscles. Every father out there deserves a good deep tissue massage!

Deep Tissue Massage | Hot Towel Treatment | Organic Aromatherapy

50 min: $95
80 min: $140
120 min: $185

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Gentleman's Facial

Customized for a man's special needs, this moisturizing facial includes deep cleansing and
exfoliation to clear clogged pores and remove dead skin. Special attention is given to sensitive areas
that are often affected shaving and sun exposure so that skin is visibly clear, moisturized,
and hydrated. 

50 or 80 min Gentleman's Facial | Hot Towel Treatment | Extractions
 Warm Shoulder & Arm Massage | Organic Aromatherapy 

50 min: $100
80 Min: $145

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