Sports Massage at Massage Sway at the Domain in Austin, TX

Athletic Sports Massage

The Massage Sway Sports Massage is specifically designed to aid in athletic performance and focus on flexibility, range of motion, and performance during training. It is vital before or after sporting events for optimal performance and promoting post-injury healing.

Our sports massages are perfect for athletes of every skill level – from professionals to every day joggers. Our focus is on ensuring that the overworked, tired, and stressed muscles from any athletic activity are cared for and rejuvenated. Our massage therapists will work with you to target problem areas and help you achieve the maximum benefits during your treatment. They can use a number of massage styles in order to give you the most affective sports massage and to help reduce strain, aches, and pains.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage can be used to help prevent injuries and reduce recovery time during training. Our skilled massage therapists will work with you to help increase flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance, and prevent sports related injuries. Additionally, sports massage can help athletes prepare their body and mind for optimum athletic performance.  Regular sports massage treatments are an excellent addition to a regular exercise regimen and offer you the opportunity to keep your body in its best possible condition and offers enhanced wellness benefits.

Sports massage can also help recovery time after a major athletic event. If you are experiencing aches, pains, or strained and stressed muscles, our massage therapists can help you get your body back on track and release tension, stress, and reduce muscle soreness.

If you’re wondering if sports massage is right for you, talk to one of our relaxation experts and discuss your needs and training schedule and see how we can help you achieve your athletic goals or recover after an event. We can help you feel your very best whether you are new to exercise, are working towards a race, playing a sport regularly, or just in need of training support.

Book Your Sports Massage

Book your sports massage online today or contact us to speak to one of our relaxation experts. We can help you put together a package that supports your relaxation and wellness goals and ensures that you will feel your very best. At Massage Sway, our goal is to give you a luxurious pampering experience in a relaxing day spa environment. Don’t suffer with sore muscles, aches, pains, or stressed and strained joints. Visit Massage Sway and let us help you feel your best and achieve ultimate relaxation with our specialty massage treatments.

Our sports massages also make great gifts. Do you know an athlete preparing for a major event or someone who has just started exercising again? Sports massages are also the perfect post-race gift. Show the athletes in your life that you care about their wellness and comfort with a premium sports massage from Massage Sway.

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80 Minutes | $140
110 Minutes | $185

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