Signature Sway at Massage Sway at the Domain in Austin, TX

Signature Sway

50 Minutes | $95
80 Minutes | $140
110 Minutes | $185

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Signature Sway Description


Our Signature Sway massage is a rejuvenating massage treatment. It deeply relaxes and harmonizes the body. We have designed the perfect combination of firm pressure and Swedish technique. By experimenting with different aromatherapy, we are able to bring you the wonderful benefits of stress relief and general wellness.

The Signature Sway massage is a relaxation massage and offers you a chance to reduce tension and stress, and to loosen tight and aching muscles. It’s the perfect massage for when you want to indulge in a day of pampering, reduce stress, or simply enjoy the benefits of massage. Relaxation massage is a gentle technique that offers total mental and physical relaxation. Let our trained and experienced massage therapists help you discover the joy of relaxation in our luxurious spa environment.

Relaxation Massage Benefits

Relaxation massages offer a number of health benefits and is an important part of an overall wellness plan. Research has shown that massage can help manage daily aches and pains, back pain, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce blood pressure, and aid in healthy sleep patterns. At Massage Sway, our massage therapists will help you determine the best treatments for your individual needs. Whether you have specific areas that need work or simply want to experience the rejuvenating benefits of massage, we are here to help.

Massage benefits include a feeling of deep calm and relaxation during and immediately following your treatment.  Massage encourages the release of endorphins, your body’s natural chemicals, that help to produce feelings of wellbeing. At the same time, stress hormones are reduced which in turn helps to protect your body’s immune system.

Relaxation massages, such as our signature sway massage, can improve circulation, improve skin tone, heighten mental alertness, reduce stress and exhaustion, aid in flexibility, increase healthy sleep, stimulate your lymphatic system, reduce stress hormones, reduce anxiety and depression, and increase relaxation and overall feelings of wellness.

Book a Signature Sway Relaxation Massage

Our Signature Sway Relaxation Massage is the perfect way to treat yourself to a day of luxury and pampering in our beautiful day spa environment. Reserve your massage online today or contact us to speak to one of our knowledgeable relaxation specialists. We will help you find the perfect combination of treatments for your specific needs.

We offer the ultimate in relaxation, wellness, and anti-aging treatments and offer complete packages that focus on your health and wellbeing. From minor aches and pains to help with stress and anxiety, we can help you feel healthy and relaxed. There’s no better way to treat yourself and focus on yourself than by enjoying a professional relaxation massage by the award winning massage therapists at Massage Sway.

Our relaxation massages also make great gifts. Need the perfect birthday, anniversary, or special gift? Treat someone in your life to the healing benefits of massage and give them a day of luxurious pampering at Massage Sway.