Deep Tissue Massage at Massage Sway at the Domain in Austin, TX

Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

Our deep tissue muscle massage is a reviving massage treatment. This massage therapy targets the root of your muscle aches, helping remove knots and stimulating blood circulation. Similar to Swedish massage, deep tissue massages offer deeper, more intense pressure and is beneficial in helping to release muscle tension.

Our deep tissue massage focuses on the deepest layers of your muscle tissues, tendons, and fascia in order to help offer complete relaxation. A deep tissue muscle massage generally begins with lighter pressure in order to warm up the muscles. Our therapist will then begin applying specific massage techniques in order to apply deep pressure and work to relax painful stiff muscles, break down knots, and relieve tension. While you will feel deep pressure, our deep tissue muscle massages should not be painful, but will help to offer the highest levels of muscle relaxation and provide deeper benefits.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage technique is useful in treating chronic pain, inflammation, injury, and restoring flexibility in strained muscles. Deep tissue massage can help minimize lower back pains, release tension in a stiff neck, reduce soreness in your shoulders and upper back, or help loosen tight arm and leg muscles. This massage treatment can also help reduce nerve compression by allowing the muscles around the nerves to relax.

Studies have shown that 45 to 60 minute deep tissue massages offer excellent benefits for many people including a reduction in blood pressure and stress hormone levels. Deep tissue massage can also help boost your mood and offers complete relaxation. Many people notice an improved range of motion and pain reduction following deep tissue massage treatments.

Our highly experienced massage therapists can help you achieve the relaxation level you need, while also you helping to care for tired, stressed muscles. If you have specific concerns or areas that need special attention, make sure to speak to one of our relaxation experts to determine the specific treatment or combination of treatments that is right for you. We perform all of our massage treatments with your relaxation and wellness goals in mind. 

Reserve a Deep Tissue Massage

Book your deep tissue massage online or if you have questions, feel free to contact one of our relaxation experts. We can help you find the right combination of treatments to help ensure your total relaxation, pampering, and wellness. At Massage Sway, our goal is to offer you the best quality massage treatments in Austin and to help you achieve the highest levels of relaxation in our luxurious day spa environment.

Contact our relaxation experts to see if a deep tissue massage would be beneficial for you or to discuss our available packages. Deep tissue muscle massages also make great gifts. Purchase a gift card for someone you know who could benefit from this reviving and relaxing massage treatment.

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110 Minutes | $195

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